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This fleece has a lovely color varying from dark to light grey. Unfortunately the fleece is very dirty and has a strong break. This fleece will make some outstanding yarn or felt but will have to be processed with great care.

Cleanliness: Good/Poor


Strength: Poor


Fleece Quality: Fair


Weight Approximately: 7 lbs


Staple Length: 3.5+ inches



Cactus Hill Farm is a Certified Organic farm. We do not certify our sheep or wool but our sheep are raised on organic feed and pasture. We like our animals to have space to roam, so all of our sheep are left out on pastures during the year and only penned up when babies are young. Cactus Hill farm is a multi-generational family farm and we strive to be good stewards of our land and of the lives we care for. All of our fleeces are skirted and the yuckiest parts are removed.

#131J CVM/Wensleydale Cross Ewe *7 lbs*

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