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This is a lovely little lamb fleece with very soft fiber. One area that is missing wool therefore this fleece is marked down significantly.

This poor little lamb was attacked by wild animals one night, probably coyotes. He sadly had to be euthanized, but some dear friends took the meat and to honor his short life I had this pelt made from his skin. The missing wool is where he had been bitten quite severely in the side. I’m glad he’s now at peace and no longer suffering.

Roughly 22 inches x 37 inches. 3 inch staple length.


Finished by Driftless Traditioinal Tannery

Located in Southwestern Wisconsin’s beautiful driftless region, Driftless Traditional Tannery is a small, women-owned and operated company that strives to treat animals, the environment, and our customers with respect.Every hide is tanned naturally and responsibly, without the use of heavy metals or harsh chemicals, giving our farmers and retail clients beautiful sheepskins naturally.

Merino Lamb Pelt

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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