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Cactus Hill Farm is a multi-generational farm that was established in 1867 by Hispano settlers moving north as part of the land grants awarded when Colorado was still part of Mexico.  Today the farm is run by the descendants of these original families using the acequia water systems that were hand dug so many years ago.  

Elena is the heart and soul behind the Cactus Hill Farm Fiber business. After lambing, she runs over 600 head out on farm pastures! 

It is a farm run with lots of heart and hard work with the help of many hands from family and friends. 

The farm as a whole is run by Elena along with her father, Alan.


An organic certified farm, they rotate various grains on the fields in sync with the sheep grazing.

Our farm is...

-Certified Organic

-Protected by Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust Conservation Easement

-Proud to be minority owned and operated

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