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Did you know that freshly ground whole grains have more vitamins, minerals, and oils than white flour bought at the grocery store? This is because when flour is refined the nutrient-dense parts of the wheat are removed with milling and bleaching agents are used to make the flour whiter and have a longer shelf-life. Just like when buying fruit or vegetables, fresh ground, whole-grains deliver the freshest product with the higher nutritional value.


Hard white wheat has a higher gluten content and is perfect for bread, pizza, or other leavened food items. Whole wheat berries are also great cooked in soups or soaked as a great addition to salads.


Our hard white organic wheat berries are grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides. We use rainwater and snow from the Rocky Mountains to irrigate our crops and natural soil practices. You can grind our berries in a home mill to enjoy the best, freshest flour possible.

*10 lb* Organic Hard White Wheat Berry

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