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I am very excited to present the newly-released Silversmith Hat Pattern!  This wonderful pattern was created by Tressa Weidenaar, Tsin bikee' Knits, using Cactus Hill Farm original yarns.  


This kit includes:

  • Tressa's original pattern, nicely laminated in durable plastic for longer life and usability.
  • 1 skein-worsted natural black Merino Yarn (100 yards)
  • 1 skein-Turquiouse worsted Merino Yarn (66 yards)
  • 1 skein-Fresh Fruit worsted Merino Yarn (66 yards)


Working with Tressa was such a pleasure and she puts so much intention into her work.  Below is the description of the inspiration for this beautiful hat.


"The Silversmith Hat is a design that I’ve envisioned for quite some time. I love how Navajo Silversmiths are so skilled; their work with the silver highlights the beauty of the turquoise they use. Large bracelets and squash blossom necklaces are a few examples of this beautiful art form. I have silversmiths in my family, and I always enjoy receiving jewelry from them. This design is meant to reflect and honor silversmiths that have been in the Navajo culture for hundreds of years. I also appreciate the joy of collaboration, and I was able to do so in a few ways with this project.


The yarn comes from a farm called Cactus Hill Farm near Alamosa, Colorado. A shepherd, Elena, has been working to keep her ancestral farm alive. I have been so thankful to know Elena and to hear her passion for the work she does. She also wants to work towards healing within the land she tends and within the Native cultures that once walked on the land she calls home. The hope is that these projects will help foster the journey towards healing and bring about change in these areas."

Silversmith Hat Kit *Yarn and Pattern!*

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