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Cactus Hill Farm

Caring for sheep and the land since 1867 

Shop Yarns from the flock

Other Great Products


Award Winning Fleeces

Wensleydale, CVM, Merino, BFL and much much more!  


Sheep Pelts and Handmade Rugs

We found out butchers often throw out these pelts so we worked hard to turn this waste product into something beautiful for your home.  

These hand felted one-of-a-kind pieces are handmade right on the farm.


Natural, Undyed Roving

Wonderful natural colors from single-sheep roving batches.  


Anytime is a great time to buy An

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Raw lamb meat chops steaks in a wooden tray. Black background. Top view. Copy space..jpg

Certified Organic Wheat Berries 

Certified Organic Wheat Berries homegrown right here on the farm.  Pesticide and chemical free.

Naturally-Raised Lamb Meat 

We strive to give our animals the best life possible.  They are pasture-raised and we use ethical management techniques.  We appreciate their life on our farm and give thanks for the integral part they play in our business and farming system through their meat, fiber and soil regeneration. 

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