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These Hands

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

These hands. My hands. I am so grateful for these hands that were made so perfectly for me. They are just the right size for reaching in and helping re-position a little lamb who is trying to come into this world backwards. They are strong and hardy, helping me to build the barn, my home, to fix fences, and to change flat tires. They hold the memory of knit and purl, helping me to create a hat as I converse with friends and customers. Their gentleness speaks volumes to the sick lamb they hold and stroke. The grasp of these hands conveys my determination and fortitude. To those I love and care for that grasp gives them my love and shares with them my strength and support. They plant new life into the ground and later help harvest and prepare it into nourishing food. These hands help in the sheering of the wool and then in my creative process when dying the yarn. These hands bare the marks of this life I have been so blessed to have and man the stories they could tell!

Photo thank you to Christi Bode and the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust


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